My Sister My Friend Mentorship Academy
“Empowering and Mentoring Women”


          Releasing stuff and toxic situations  are very  good for your health. 3 John  1: 2 So many woman have the propensity to stay in the pain because its something you adjust yourself , it doesnt matter whether its your place of paln. Familiarlity breeds contempt.    My Queens   I invite you and other  ministries to join me for a time of impartation, refreshing and healing as we collectively  share the pain and release all guilts of the past.    

As you begin to accept and move forward , the embracing of the  fact is "I can't be pitiful and powerful at the same time"... remember, people that are down can't help you get up.

I invite you today join with the  NOW
Network of Women.

Further information, contact the office 973-592-2697 / 862-763-1450 or email me at

Pastor CJ Dunbar, President
 My Sister My Friend Ministries
It's Time To Heal. NOW