My Sister My Friend Ministries was founded and established in 1998 by Pastor CJ. Being led by God and her love for people, this organization has been established to assist and try to help those that are hurting (especially women) to deal with their drama, hurts and issues, as they begin  to pursue a more peacable and full life  in Christ Jesus. Yes, that's correct, a ministry for the hurting.

Why, you might ask,for to long, many have been guilty of placing a band aid on a infection that refuses to heal and if someone doesn't have the heart to at least help, then the cycle only repeats itself, now we begin to produce broken and needy daughters. (the word God confirms "as the mother, so is the daughter") its imperative that something be done now.
Its my heart's desire  is to help the hurting remove the posion.
No longer ignore the issues, repeating, " leave it along, it will go away", I report  it doesn't go away with your help, such a true statement "hurt people, hurt people".

My Friend,  Now is the time to move away from the barren place in your life and allow the love of God move you into that  place of wholeness and wellness in Him. No more blame, guilt, or shame.  let it go now in the Name Of Jesus Christ.  It's truly time for healing to come forth in each and every life.  
Now is the time...

Depression/Rrape/ Incest / Molestation / Suicide / Self Esteem Issues / martial problems, mind problems,  and more.... Break the Cycle !  it really doesn't matter what your case is,  truly its now..." Time to Heal"..

Yes You Can.  I Believe In You
Pastor CJ-