Pastor C J  Dunbar is the loving wife of Bishop  Samuel Dunbar, and they work together in ministry as Pastors for the last 23 yrs .
Pastor CJ has worked under the leadership of The Late-
Bishop C. Ellis for over 25 yrs. As a result of her submission, love for God's people, dedication to the service of God, and heart of servitude, God has truly anointed her life.  she works faithfully in ministry; a anointed praise and worship leader, soloist, and a weekly Bible teacher, only to name a few.
Pastor CJ truly loves the Lord and it is exemplified in her lifestyle.  It is through the birthing of My Sister My Friend, that she is enabled to encourage, edify and educate hurting women with closet pain to deal with the issues and live, and in doing so promotes deliverance and healing to take place.  In addition, this ministry offers marriage seminars, along with her husband, a Book club, monthly newsletters and many workshops on dealing and building self-esteem, and a yearly women's conference.  

Pastor CJ attended NYCCC for counseling and is presently furthering her education in Pastoral/ Ministerial counseling as to arm herself even the more as God's elected lady to minister in boldness and authority the unadulterated Word of God which is " mighty for the pulling dowm of strong holds".  She attends Moravian Theological Seminary and CIB  BC(1) for biblical counseling.  It's her desire to see the body totally delivered and whole.   Just recently MSMF has introduced a Mentorship Academy, teaching sisters to feel good, look good and be good to themselves.

Pastor CJ goal in ministry is to reach the lost, encourage the weak, edify the torn down, and restore those that have gone astray in the spirit of meekness and love. Her heart's belief is, love people, even thoes that dont want your love.    "Love isn't hard when you have a heart for people". Love is the greatest tool given to us from God.

  She relaxes by working in the garden, loving and being with her husband of 41 years, and Me-Ma to (Josiah, Xavier and Danae Joan). C.J.  saying is,  " It's Nice To Be Nice".  just be nice.
Psa. 42:1 as the deer panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God.